2018 Sire Selection

Welcome to the Sand Rock Angus selection of yearling bulls for spring of 2018. We have another great pen of bulls available for purchase through private treaty. There is a bull for everyone in this pen, as we select bulls for breeding based on individual females.
Three years ago we implemented the 50K genomic test, and this last year we went with GeneSeeks new high-density test. We want to bring the customer a clearer picture of how our cows are performing and how they can expect Sand Rock Angus bulls to improve their herds.
DNA and Genomic testing is the future of the Angus and cattle industry. We are using these high-tech tools to improve our herd. We strive to breed cows that are feed efficient, good disposition, moderate birth weights, fast growing calves with higher weaning weights, and higher grading carcasses. Good bulls begin with good cows. We want easy keepers that produce a nice calf year after year. There are many factors that are important to this end. We use the tools available to improve our herd and we hope to improve the producers too.
We have been impressed with the carcass data epds coming back on this year’s bulls. With improved accuracy from the genetic testing we have been able to make noticeable changes in expected progeny differences. There was a class put on this winter in Broadus by John Patterson from GeneSeek and Kelli Retallick with Angus Genetics Inc. for regional ranchers. Commercial producers are starting to see the value of genomic testing their heifer calves, and some have started testing to take advantage of the best genetics available.
Thirty years of artificial insemination have helped us to grow a moderate framed herd that is feed efficient while still weaning off bigger calves. These bulls are bred to be well adapted to our Montanan climate and grass. Advance your herd’s genetics with Sand Rock Angus Bulls. We hope to see you out at the ranch!

Understanding genomic testing: http://www.angus.org/AGI/GenomicEnhancedEPDs.pdf

Understanding EPD’s: http://www.angus.org/Nce/Definitions.aspx



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