Located in south-eastern Montana, we raise registered Black Angus seed stock bulls with the best available genetics in the world through artificial insemination (A-I).

Our venture into raising cattle began in 1977 and evolved over the next nine years to begin experimenting with artificial insemination in 1986. We have been improving our genetic knowledge each year since and continue striving towards creating a perfectly uniform and exceptionally performing herd with our breeding program.

We have always been firm believers in quality over quantity and for this reason we pay extreme attention to the details of each and every animal. We closely monitor feed efficiency, birth weights, growth, aesthetics, disposition, and hardiness.

We endeavor to breed each bull to be a perfectly balanced specimen that looks spectacular, performs well in birthing ease and growth rates, and has an excellent disposition. The same qualities you desire to see in your own herd. We are always learning from our customers and value what you have to say.

Our success in raising registered Black Angus bulls would be nothing without all of our dedicated and loyal customers over the years. We appreciate each and every one of you and it is always nice to see or hear from you again. Please feel free to call or email any of us if you have questions, concerns, or just want to chat.